Maliny Engineering Company Limited was found in 23/11/1992 by Mr. Poutsadou Inthavong with registration capital 100,000,000 Kip or 222,000 USD. The company operated as sub-construction project and indoor decoration. Recently the total capital is 39,699,000 USD and 480 employees.


January 1

Maliny Construction

In 1993-1994 Mr. Phoutsadu Inthavong has resigned from his job at Ministry of Public Work and Transportation to run his own business. In the same year, Mr. Phoutsadu established new company call Maliny Bridge and Road Construction with registration capital 555,000,000 Kip or 777,830 USD The capital gotten from two years operation of previous Maliny Engineering Company Limited, The company head quarter is located in Southern 13 Avenue, Phonephanao Village, Saysetha District, Vientiane Capital. Lao P D R.
January 4

Maliny Computer

In 1996 , Maliny Computer was established. Supply Equipment for Government Office , privates and public by using informatics System. The registration capital is 500,000,000 kip or 200,000 USD. the company support computers for Ministry of Education , ministry of public Heath, Finance, National Assembly and others.
March 4

Maliny Irrigation

In 1998, Maliny Irrigation Company was established with registration capital 773,400,000 Kip or 118,923 USD in order to construct and maintain the irrigations in Lao P D R.
March 4

Maliny Concrete

In 2000,  Maliny Concrete Factory was estblished with  total capital 5,295,000,000 Kip or 860,830 USD, The Factory supplies the concrete to private, government infrastructure projects and general customers. The company increased total capital up to 4,500,000 USD in 2004. The second factory was established in 2011.
March 4

Maliny Organic Fertilizer 5 star

In 2001, Maliny Organic Fertilizer Factory "Brand 5 star" was established in Phonehong District, Vientiane Province with registration capital 5,000,000 USD, production capacity are 60,000 tons per year and supply in domestic and export.
April 5

Maliny Export-Import

In 2003, Maliny Export-Import Company Limited was established with total capital 1,500,000,000 Kip or 176,470 USD.
June 5

Maliny Primary-Secondary school

In 2008, Maliny Primary-Secondary School was established with registration capital 5,800,000 USD, The school provides learning-teaching level since junior in Primary up to senior Secondary School. this project was self-invested.
July 5

Maliny’s bridge

In 2010-2011 Maliny Group Co., LTD has received a concession for construction a Bridge from Meuangkao - Pakkayoung, Viengkham District, Vientiane Province. The investment value 18,000,000 USD with the 38 years concession of Namngeum Bridge (BOT), We have started to service in 2015 onward.
October 5

Doo’s beach and resort

In 2012 we have developed The tourism beach at Ban kern, Thoulakhom District, Vientiane Province. The investment value: 5,000,000 USD with the 35 years concession (BOT) in 2015 onward.
October 5

Maliny heavy machine driving school

In 2013, Maliny Group Company Limited established Heavy Machine Driving School in Ban Namcheng, Phonehong Ditrict, Vientiane Province.