About us


The purpose of the establishment of Maliny Group Company Limited

  • Lao goverment has a priority policy to develop and Implement Social – Economic development such as infrastructure Development as well as roads, office buildings and others to link the economy of the country to AEC and competitive in the region. The infrastructure Development are all in response to the Lao government policy.
  • Our Company has been established in order to implementing the goverment policy. To meet the economic development plan regarding to Agriculture promotion policy to increasing  the quantity and  quality  of Lao agriculture products. So, Maliny Group took a major on agriculture production to higher the Capacity of Agriculture production and protecting the enviroment at the same time. Based on the abundance of natural resources and geomorphology of the country which are suitable for plantations. Therefore, the Maliny Group dicided to build the Bio Fertilizer factory.
  • The Maliny Concrete Factory has been established a long with the extension of the construction work of the company. The concrete are use to serve Maliny Project Works and the needs of society.
  • Maliny acknowledge on the important of human resource development and education is the factor key which could improve knowledge and skill of people. Therefore, Maliny Group decided to establish primary and secondary school in 2008, In order to develop, improve Lao education and to provide opportunities for youth to have equal access of education.
  • Maliny Group has a strong inspiration, clear vision in the contribution to the national economic development and together with the trust is given to us by the Lao goverment. Maliny Group has decided to be involved with the transportation and tourism industries of Vientiane Province. Particularly in the creation of the tourist site: White Sand is known as Had Sai Khao at Ban Keun Village, which is the first artificial beach in Laos. At the same time, we also build the new Nam Nguem Bridge in the form of BOT.
  • Base on the vision of development from the beginning until now. Maliny Group Co.,LTD  has created and expand into 10 business sectors:

1. General Construction.
2. Construction Bridge, Houses, irrigation, Road.
3. Mixed Concrete  Plant.
4. Organic Fertilizer Plant.
5. Primary-Secondary School.
6. Trading Import – Export and Real Estate.
7. Tourism development project (Artificial beach,35 years concession).
8. Nam Nguem River Bridge Concession project for 38 years (BOT).
9. Heavy Construction Machine Driving School.
10. Mineral Drinking Water Plant (preparing).